Koh Lanta Beaches

The West side of Koh Lanta is lined with stunning beaches, the nearest one to Tonmai Suites in Old Town is Klong-Nin approximately a 10 minute drive away. There’s a long strip of white sand, with a number of chilled out bars and restaurants for food and drink. We’d recommend The Roundhouse, it’s a nice spot to watch the sunset, although it’s great any time of the day. There are many other beachfront bars and restaurants to choose from in the Klong-Nin area, and definitely worth exploring.

The beaches to the south of Ko Lanta are typically very quiet and laid back –  visiting Kantiang Bay, Klong Jark and Bamboo bay is highly recommended. Kantiang in particular regularly pops up in online articles as one of the best beaches to visit in Koh Lanta / Thailand / Asia. A few years ago the UK newspaper the Sunday Times voted Kantiang one of the best beaches in the world, so you might want to go check it out for yourself.

The beaches to the north of the island – Klong Khong, Relax Bay, Long Beach (Pra-ae) and Klong Dao are lined with beach bars, restaurants and resorts. Although busier, they are are perfect for a cocktail and sampling of the many choices of food available. Spend a bit of time on any of the beaches and you’ll start to realize each has a different “vibe” to them – especially in the evening when many of the bars really come to life.

Wherever you end up, the clear warm water is perfect for swimming and there’s plenty of space for everyone. Ko Lanta is famous for its sunsets – be sure to bring a camera or fully charged smartphone with you!

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Map of Ko Lanta and beaches

Tell me more about Ko Lanta’s best beaches!

All the beaches on Koh Lanta are magnificent, you won’t be disappointed. There’s a map on this page that explains the locations of all the beaches, and this website lists details of all the main beaches on Koh Lanta better than we can. See below for a few of our favorite photographs from around the island.

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