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Koh Lanta is located in Krabi province and is part of the Mu Koh Lanta National Park consisting of more than 50 protected islands in an archipelago covering 134km2. The two largest islands Lanta Noi (small) and Lanta Yai (big) which are connected by a bridge that was opened in 2016.

Lanta Yai, the largest island, is roughly 26km long by 6km wide with a laid-back atmosphere, coral rimmed sandy beaches all along the entire west coast, tropical jungle forest that spikes down its middle, and dramatic mangroves and rockery on the east coast.

Visiting Old Town

Tonmai Suites is located on the main road (aka the ‘walking street’) in Lanta Old Town, on the Eastern side of Lanta Yai. Old Town has a relaxed atmosphere with clusters of teak houses on stilts overlooking the sea. Some of these buildings are over a hundred years old and date back to the time when Old Town was still a Chinese trading port. Many of these buildings have been converted into commercial spaces such as restaurants, cafes, and shops. In Old Town you can see this, among other things, like the small colorful Chinese Temple, which serves as a tribute to the community. The inhabitants of Old Town are a mix of Thai-Chinese, Thai-Muslims and Sea Gypsies. A great way to learn more about the history of Old Town and Koh Lanta as a whole is to check out the community museum located close to the Old Town roundabout.

The local shops here in Old Town sell impressive handicrafts that you won’t come across anywhere else on the island. You will find handmade soaps, lotions and other beauty products made from natural ingredients, unique souvenirs made of distinctive natural local materials, and even different kinds of herbs and spices for making traditional Thai dishes if you want to bring a taste of Thailand home with you. If you’re really a cooking enthusiast and would like to learn more about the local cuisine, there are several cooking classes offered here locally that you can enjoy.

Boat excursions and tours focused on scuba diving, mangrove exploration and island hopping are just a stone’s throw away. The Lanta Old Town Pier is located within a few minutes’ walk from Tonmai Suites. The pier has recently been renovated and a site to see – don’t miss the lobster! (Seriously, go take a look).

There are many festivals in Lanta Old Town each year, but the biggest and most well-known is the Laanta Lanta Festival, which lasts for three days on the weekend of the first full moon in March. It highlights resort chefs and local cooks throughout the community preparing the top local dishes. Aside from satisfying your palate and stomach with authentic food, the festival also features traditional live music on a set stage by the pier, and in front of many local restaurants and bars.

Old Town also has a walking street market on Sunday mornings. Vendors come out to sell local made items, already prepared street food, fresh seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables.

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