Renting Motorbikes on Ko Lanta

Driving around on a motorbike is a great way to see the island. Ask at reception about motorbike rentals, However please, please drive safely. Even if you are a good driver don’t expect everybody else to be. Thailand is notorious for its bad traffic and although the roads around Lanta are far removed from the gridlock of Bangkok driving sensibly is essential.

At Tonmai Suites we’d rather only rent to people that have bike licenses but we understand that isn’t really always possible. For your own safety we really prefer to see a driving license before you drive a motorbike. We are more than happy to give you some motorbike driving tips before venturing out on the roads, just ask at reception.

We would not be doing our jobs right if we didn’t warn you that unless you have a full bike license, it’s very likely that your travel insurance (you do have some, right?) will not cover you if you have an accident in Thailand. Medical expenses in Thailand can be extremely high if you are not insured.

Please wear a helmet. You might not think it looks cool, but as well as saving your head from sunburn if you are driving around the island, it might save your life.

Car rental

If two wheels aren’t for you, it’s possible to rent a car instead. These are typically automatic rather than manual cars and are often small Nissan’s or Suzuki’s, although some larger Toyota’s are available.

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